Cavs Will Doom Selves If They Trade Wiggins For Love

The Cavaliers had a successful offseason. They made sure that Kyrie Irving was their PG for years to come, and they got a hometown hero in LeBron James to return to their team.

The Cavs drafted Andrew Wiggins to get a franchise wing player that brings great talent on both ends of the floor.

With just these three core players, LeBron James already has a younger core that is more dangerous than the big three of Miami.

Oh wait, there's more on this team?
There's sharpshooting Dion Waiters, a young guy who could be shipped elsewhere for a defensive specialist big man or something.

There's Tristan Thompson, a former 4th overall draft pick that switched shooting hands last season and actually improved his shooting percentage.

There's last year's number one draft pick, Anthony Bennett, basically a younger Kevin Love in terms of nailing threes as a big man.

There's Anderson Varejao, LeBron's old teammate, the big man that can get the rebounds that Love would get.

Considering that Kevin Love only has one year until free agency, why don't the Cavs just wait and woo him to Cleveland without having to give up any compensation?

Why would you trade away a cost-controlled playmaker that won't cost you a max contract?

I guess billionaires don't think the same way as we do.

Please Cavs, don't screw up by giving up Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. As great as Love is, it's not worth mortgaging your future for him.

Jordan Cameron Dunks, Should Be On Your Fantasy Squad

Jordan Cameron burst onto the fantasy scene last season.

This year, he doesn't have to compete for targets with Josh Gordon.

This year, he has a competent run game with Ben Tate and rookie Terrance West (sorry, Fozzy Whittaker and Chris Ogbonnaya).

This year, he'll be the poor man's Jimmy Graham at a tight end position that is still one of the weakest past Graham. Gronk is surrounded with questions, but you can nab Cameron and his athleticism.

Just watch this dunk from Cameron's Instagram:

Oh wait, you want more convincing? 

Even Blake Griffin is promoting him:

'Nuff Said.

Draft Cameron if you want a solid tight end that won't break your fantasy bank.

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10 Other Ways MLB Should Decide World Series Home Field Advantage

Longtime LA Dodgers' broadcaster Vin Scully went on a little rant on this subject, which can be seen here.

In the wake of the MLB"s All Star Game, it is important to note that the MLB decides which team has home-field advantage in the most important series of the baseball year: the (misnomer of an event) World Series. 

I think that linking a game that does not necessarily have any connection to deciding which team is the best to the championship is ridiculous. 


That being said, since I'm not a politician that only points out others' problems and does nothing to fix them, here's 10 semi-serious, semi-joke ways to solve this issue in a better way.

10. When the two teams that make it to the World Series are decided, there is a 48 hour period where whichever team gets more votes on Twitter gets home field advantage.

9. The team with a cooler mascot gets home field advantage.

8. The team with the lower payroll gets home field advantage so they could ostensibly cash in on one more home game should the series go to 7 games.

7. Set up a fundraiser for a rotating cause that MLB already actively supports (ex: fighting Breast Cancer) and whichever team's fans raise the most money gets the home field advantage.

6. Set up an e-Bay auction for it

5. Do away with deciding home-field advantage and instead play 7 games at a totally random site, like how the Super Bowl is hosted.

4. Play the series overseas. How 'bout Japan? Opening Day technically starts there w/ those Mariners games... What about a symbolic full-circle where the season ends off American soil.

3. Speaking of which, why don't we make it like the Olympics and change host countries every year? One year Panama, next year Dominican. Maybe it'll be a little bit more of a World Series. But I don't know about how much the taxpayers in other countries will like this one.

2. Whichever team lost the fewest games during the playoffs prior to reaching the World Series would get home field advantage.

1. How 'bout we do it like Basketball and just let the team with the better record get home field advantage? Just a thought... 

Honorable mentions:
Better run differential (either in regular season or playoffs)
Best stadium concessions 

Best regular season give-away 

Pacers Want Stuckey, Fantasy Value?

After Lance Stephenson took his business to New Orleans for a 3 year deal at pretty much the same rate as what Indiana offered him (not sure what was going on with that... Pacers were a contender, and the Pelicans were already overstocked at guard positions), the Pacers were left with a void at shooting guard. 

Various sources are now reporting that Rodney Stuckey may be leaving Detroit to fill in Lance's spot in the starting lineup. Stuckey has been a combo-guard in Detroit that scored a great amount last season, but he's no Stephenson. However, fantasy owners looking for some cheap value could nab in for scoring purposes in their fantasy drafts.

David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Giannis Antetokounmpo at Point Guard for Bucks?

You've heard about the "Greek Freak", Giannis Antetokoumpo. The kid is only 19 years old but 6' 9" tall. Heck, tall enough to play PF, although he's really lanky, and could only be a stretch four if you really, really wanted him to go that way. However, the Bucks want him to go the other way. They've been having him handle point guard duties in the Summer League. As a consequence both his assists and turnovers have increased. However, imagine the tall, ├╝ber-long stride Giannis blowing by the fastest of guards and towering over them for finishes in the lane. Giannis was already a mismatch for opposing defenders on the wing. Imagine him creating chaos as a true Magic Johnson type player. The ceiling is high for Antetokoumpo, so watch out.
Check out this dunk from yesterday:

This could also be a huge boon for his fantasy value, as Giannis could theoretically be eligible for PG/SG/SF/PF in your fantasy lineup.

Phoenix Suns Stole TJ Warren

T.J. Warren was the best scorer in college basketball. He thrives in a mid-range game that finds him plenty of short looks. He had four stitches from a gash earlier on his face, but still shot 12-22, displaying his excellent shot selection. He dropped 28 points, and hit the glass hard with 11 boards and only had one turnover despite 32 minutes of play. Yeah, it's summer league, but still. Y'all should've listened when I said that T.J. Warren would be something special.

Should the Suns send a lineup of a Dragic/Bledsoe/Isaiah Thomas/Tyler Ennis guard rotation, I could realistically see TJ Warren getting a good amount of time at small forward. He is a must draft in fantasy leagues.

Do You Know Knowshon?

Knowshon Moreno had a more than successful campaign with Peyton Manning last season in Denver. We all remember this story. Moreno having to battle a young RB. He over came two others by avoiding fumbling problems for the most part. However, landing in Miami, Moreno has lost all his buzz, undergoing a knee scope, reportedly having conditioning problems.

Lamar Miller has reportedly also been involved in the passing game. This year, I expect Ryan Tannehill to take a step forward in his career, and Miller should benefit similarly.

Miller had 879 yards last year combined receiving and rushing, but this year I would not be surprised if Miller got 200 rushes and got 879 rushing yards alone. In the receptions category, I expect Miller to nab 35-45 receptions for about 250-350 yards.
Overall, combined, he could be a great steal as a bye week replacement or a flex play very late in your draft.

Moreno on the other hand would only have deep league value. In Yahoo! leagues, leave Moreno on the waiver wire because you're only starting 2 RB. Repeat of last year or MORE? NO.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Finley Not Greedy In Wanting To Sit Out 4 Weeks

Former Green Bay Packers Tight End Jermichael Finley suffered an extreme injury that required a spinal surgery. You guys may remember seeing it on TV, but you forget that Jermichael Finley is a human being, just like the rest of us. Peyton Manning successfully returned from a similar operation, but not everyone is Peyton Manning, and Manning's injury was more of a chronic thing, not a sudden collision with a defender that left him hapless.
What would you do if you put your body on the line for something and you ended up being temporarily paralyzed, narrowly escaping permanent paralysis or even death?

Very few people would go back to the game that hurt them the most, as that would be a significant psychological impediment whenever one tried to catch a ball, no?

In a person's mind, he will think about that one time he couldn't feel his arms and legs, the two things that let him get to that pass. And each time he reaches out for the oblong pigskin spiraling in his vicinity, he must relive that moment.

Here's a quote from Finley himself:

"Do I have fear? Of course I do. It's impossible not to have fear given what I've gone through over the past four weeks. I've worked my entire life to do what I do on that football field, and it's a very scary feeling being taken off the field on a stretcher."

Even as Finley gained medical clearance to play in the NFL again, he reportedly is waiting to sit out the first four weeks of the season so that he can collect on a $10 million tax-free insurance policy. Why does the tax-free mean so much? When you earn as much money as a professional sports player, you pay high amounts of taxes - nearly 40% of your income goes straight to the federal government. So $10 million tax free is really $16.66 million before taxes. So a team would have to make a significant bet on his health to even get near the amount of money that Finley would be turning down if he returned week 1.
By waiting until after week 4, the tight end can give his body a little more time to rest, while making some big money at the same time.

The Steelers reportedly offered Finley some sort of deal, but Finley is still waiting to accept it.

If I told you that you could take 4 weeks off from physically-exhausting work, and pay you $10 million tax-free, would you turn it down?

So stop saying Finley is being greedy.

What Does Gasol Bring To The Bulls' Table?

At first, when I heard the Bulls had signed Gasol, I threw a fit.
I shouted in pain, in agony.

As Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune put it, "Pau Gasol is Spanish for Carlos Boozer".

But my feelings regarding this signing warmed when I heard that Gasol was signing a 3 year $22 million contract. For those that have trouble doing the math, it works out to be $7.33 million per year on average. Better yet, the contract's third year is a player option, so potentially this could be a rent-a-Pau for the Bulls while they groom Nikola Mirotic. They recently bought-out  Mirotic from the Euroleague's Real Madrid, and proceeded to sign him to a 3 year, $17 million dollar contract. Could it be a coincidence that Gasol has a three year deal?

Lalo Yasky/WireImage

Evaluating the trade:


The cost: Gasol will sell tickets, fans, and TV viewers. At just over $7 million, he'll be a solidmarketing investment to say the least. At the end of the deal, Gasol would be 37, and likely could be resigned for a lower amount, or dealt elsewhere to sell tickets as a well-known player. Much to like about the contract itself.

Passing: Joakim Noah is a fantastic facilitator as a big man, and Gasol will bring another big man with phenomenal vision to this team. Gasol averaged 3.4 assists last season, but what is astounding is that along with Noah, both of the two big men assisted in the top-3 highest % of team plays of all big men. The other player was... Kevin Love. The Bulls effectively add another team player on offense with greater facilitation, allowing Derrick Rose to ease back in as PG.

Scoring: Gasol will provide the offense that Boozer should've consistently provided. He averaged 4 more points than Boozer last year, and shot a higher percentage.

He can mentor Mirotic, who just came playing in Gasol's home country.


Aging Gasol could also be a disappointment. He's shot below 50% the last two years for the first time in his career. Of course, Kobe was injured, and the team didn't have many options, whereas the Bulls will grind you down as a team, so Gasol could get better looks and stave off any further regression.

Gasol has also been injured a lot recently, so it remains to be seen if he can hold up to Thibodeau's rigorous demands for his players.

Gasol is little better than Boozer at defense, so the Bulls successfully landed a Boozer2.0 at a lower cost, except Boozer will still cost the team in it's pocketbook, just not its salary cap.

Nikola would join fellow Montenegrin's and Nikola's in the NBA: Nikola Vucevic of Orlando and Nikola Pekovic of Minnesota. Fun fact, Nikola means "victorious people". 

While some herald this as a solid move, you must realize that this takes away time from both Nikola Mirotic and Taj Gibson, both young, capable players that could make a larger impact. Heck, Mirotic might even be forced to play more at SF, knocking first round draft pick Doug McDermott out for some time. When rotations get crowded, you get a lot of unhappy players that aren't getting enough playing time.

Bottom line: The Bulls could've done much worse, so stay Bullish on Chicago's hopes of fielding a championship-contending team.

Can The Heat Make the Playoffs Sans LeBron?

Right after part two of LeBron James' "Decision", Las Vegas odds for the Cleveland Cavaliers vaulted to 4-1, the favorites to win the league. Meanwhile, the Miami Heat dropped to 100-to-1 odds for winning it all. However, in a Miami Heat era without LeBron, could the Heat feasibly make the playoffs?

PG: The PG field is pretty crowded with Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, and Shabazz Napier all in the running for minutes. Seems like Rotoworld wants to crown Chalmers the starter, but I wouldn't be surprised if Cole did. Napier has struggled during the summer league offensively, but should work out as a nice draft pick.

Chalmers struggled at times last season, but he could also be better if he was handed the reigns since LeBron left.

Cole was promising in his playing time, and is on the books for only $2.15 million this year, and has a $3.2 million Qualifying Offer next.

SG: Dwayne Wade opted out of his contract and Ray Allen is reportedly considering retirement along with considering the Heat as well as possibly even the Cavaliers. However, Wade's not going anywhere, and he may take significantly less money to win now with a rebuilt team in a very, very deep Free Agent market. I'm going to make a bold call and say that James Ennis will be called up from the D-League and become an in-house solution for the aging D-Wade/Ray Allen problem.

SF: The Heat were aggressive in signing three small forwards. They say that Josh McRoberts is a stretch four, but really he's just a scoring forward, however you play it. They brought in dependable Luol Deng to be a jack-of-all-trades, and Deng can project to earn plenty of playing time here in Miami. Finally, they also nabbed Danny Granger to fill in for the team.

PF/C: Chris Andersen has resigned with the Heat, and McRoberts could play in a stretch four role here. Udonis Haslem probably won't go anywhere else either, so pencil him in here, too. Most obviously, Chris Bosh will command minutes on the court, but whether he is the PF/C while on the court is less certain.

Minutes Per Game projection:
PG: Chalmers: 21 minutes, Cole 20 minutes, Napier: 8 minutes - total: 49 minutes

SG: Dwayne Wade: 34 minutes, James Ennis 13 minutes - total: 47 minutes

SF: Luol Deng: 34 minutes, Danny Granger: 15 minutes - total: 48 minutes

PF/C: Josh McRoberts: 27 minutes, Chris Bosh: 33 minutes, Udonis Haslem: 16 minutes, Chris Birdman Andersen: 20 minutes  - total: 96 minutes

There will be times when two PG's are in the game (when Wade is out), but there could also be times when Wade is the ballhandler and Deng scoots over to the two to get McRoberts a little bit of time at SF. But most likely, you'll see a combo of PG, Wade, Deng, McRoberts, and Bosh.

Projected finish: Regular Season 45-37, 5 seed in the playoffs.