No, Rodney Harrison Was Not Throwing Shade at Seau

No, Rodney Harrison was not throwing shade at deceased linebacker Junior Seau. 

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In pre-Super Bowl Coverage, Harrison shared a story about how Seau refused to change the coverage on Plaxico Burress' game-winning catch, costing the Patriots a Super Bowl title. The story is just a could-of, would-of, should-of. We all make mistakes, and we point them out afterwards if we know about them. There's nothing wrong with pointing out a mistake a friend allegedly made, especially one that you've been through it all with.

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

While many Americans look forward to the Super Bowl for its truly engaging advertisements, others also enjoy the prop bets, aka "proposition bets". 

Fans of Frozen and its over-played "Let it Go" may bet on some lines (pun intended) regarding Idina Menzel's rendition of the National Anthem. Think she'll take over 2:01 to complete the anthem? Will she omit a word (4-1 odds)?

I'm leaning to let this prop bet go.

Menzel isn't the only singer that is the subject of various bets - Katy Perry's hair color, clothes, etc. are all prop bets too. 

The NFL probably won't be letting Marshawn Lynch go for his non-cooperation during Media day. I like the +400 bet that he will get fined for his words, or lack thereof.

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In terms of other distractions, how many times will "deflated balls" be mentioned on the telecast of the game? I'm going with over 2.5, unless the NFL tries to prevent comments about it, instructing reporters specifically not to talk about deflated balls. In fact, it is likely that they will be mentioned exactly twice, but since everyone loves saying "deflated balls", let's go with over on this one. 

Actual Game bets worth taking a look at:

Patriots to score first
Sacks over 4.5

Giannis Antetokounmpo - A Giant Amongst Men?

Affectionately nicknamed the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo is an impressive ballplayer that is growing by leaps and bounds. First, he was utilizing is loooooong stride to make great plays in transition. Now, he seems to have found another way to contribute in transition. That's right, that is a half court bounce pass that can only be done with a long arm to whip that ball downcourt. 

This dude is just crazy...

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Max Scherzer Deal Makes a Lot of Sense... for Max Scherzer

Getting money after you're no longer working is always a sign that you've made it. CEO? Nice, cushy retirement package.

On my way to my next paycheck...
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For Max Scherzer, he's getting a 7 year deal with $210 million that will be paid to him in 14 years, which makes a ton of sense, and cents, for him.

Sure, some people will point that constant inflation of the dollar will mean that a $15 million check paid in 2028 will be worth less than a $15 million check paid today, but there's a hidden caveat in this deal. There's a great tax loophole in D.C. that allows Scherzer to avoid some hefty income taxes. Sure, tax might not be a lot in terms of a lump-sum for the average Joe, but for Scherzer, landing in D.C. may have saved him an estimated $20million in foregone earnings.

With Scherzer now in the nation's capital, this could be a Newton's Cradle-esque transaction that leads to the exodus of another pitcher. Could this be Stephen Strasburg or Jordan Zimmerman? It's unlikely that a team will trade for the older Gio Gonzalez, and certainly not the young Tanner Roark, who may or may not have a rotation spot pending what happens before the start of the season. Doug Fister isn't moving anywhere either. Who do you guys think will be on the move?

Manziel In As Browns' QB, Runs for TD On First Drive

After throwing two interceptions versus the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer has been replaced by Johnny Manziel. Under center for his first career drive, Manziel garnered 54 yards in the air and 13 on the ground, scoring on a 10 yard rush.

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Manziel is obviously an athletic player that has well-documented incidents off the field. If Manziel can focus on his sport, he could be in for a heck of an NFL ride. As it stands, the Buffalo Bills are still up 13 in the game with just over 3 minutes to go in the game, and it looks like both teams will be 7-5 after the conclusion of the game. No one expected Atlanta and New Orleans to be well under .500 while these two teams would be nicely above .500 at this stage of the season.