Price Injured, Lin to Start

In yet another Lakers turn of events, Ronnie Price was nicked up (bone bruise) in the LA Lakers final preseason game, and coach Byron Scott responded to the occasion by naming Jeremy Lin the starter for the Lakers as the open up the season vs. Lin's old team, the Houston Rockets. (sidebar: Maybe Byron Scott read this rant on why Lin should start, and made the switch. With impeccable timing, this blog will feature great news that beats even coaches making decisions! Lesson of the story: Always read this blog).

 The Rockets will presumably roll out defensive specialist Patrick Beverley at PG vs. Lin, so there's no guarantees that Lin will have a good time offensively. However, sometimes the revenge factor, the drive to prove to all the haters and critics that he's a starting-caliber player, not a player who's insignificant enough for the team to use his number during free-agent courtship of another (a la Melo-drama).

Expect Lin to rather help the Lakers exploit the various weaknesses on the Rockets lineup, and you know that Kobe will be attacking the James Harden "defense". If Kobe creates enough problems for McHale to swap the fundamentally sound Beverley onto Kobe, that could let Jeremy kill the remnants of the Rockets "defense". This first game is a key test for the Lakers to prove that all hope is not lost in the franchise, as people are crying that the sky is falling in LA.

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Speaking of individual rivalries, Lin isn't the only player that will be facing an old team. Dwight Howard will be returning to the Staples Center, and you know that fans will start booing. 
In other injury news, the Lakers will not have Wayne Ellington, who has a concussion. With Steve Nash out for the season, this means that Jordan Clarkson may also have a shot to get more playing time.

For more Jeremy Lin highlights to get pumped for the start of the regular season, click here!

Jeremy Lin Ought To Start In LA

Remember when an old guy ran the point in LA? Derek Fisher? Meh. Steve Nash? We know how well that move turned out.

After years of Jordan Farmar/Steve Blake-type roster fillers, the Lakers found a young player with dynamic athleticism and ability that can flourish with shooters around him. Jeremy Lin. No Joke.
  He's show some great promise for the Lakers (VIDEOS WITHIN)

Yet, Jeremy Lin is not being named starter. Despite all the successes of Linsanity, nearly leading Houston out of the first round of the playoffs when Harden was hardly helping his team, and dealing with plenty more pressure, paparazzi, and criticism than even Hollywood provides, coach Byron Scott wants to go with a journeyman third-string PG. Since 2009, this player has not shot above 30% from 3 point land and 40% from the field. 
This player's Per 36 numbers?
Career 4.6 Personal Fouls, 72.6% free throws, 4.6 assists but 2.5 turnovers, and only 7 points. When a player totals the same amount of fouls and turnovers as points, there's no reason why he should be leading a team. 
Even in preseason, this player has struggled to the tune of 21.4% 3PT and a still less than 2 per 1 Assist to Turnover ratio. This means that he's doing no better against scrubs as he has during his backup playing time during his career. Ronnie Price, please step aside.

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Lin, a player we forget is only 26, has gotten 12.4pts, 6.2 assists per game in only about 26 minutes/game, all while playing with the second unit. 

There is absolutely no reason why there's a conversation here. Lin should be playing no less than 30-35 minutes per game on a team that needs to develop Jordan Clarkson. The only reason why someone would play Lin on a second line would be to let him have full control when Kobe's off the court. It allows him to lead with the likes of Clarkson, Julius Randle, Robert Sacre, Ed Davis, and when they come back, Xavier Henry and Nick Young. It means that the Lakers nearly no drop-off between the guys that surround Kobe on the first rotation and the guys that surround Lin.

Maybe Scott will make the switch soon. Lin should be in the lineup, ASAP. Maybe the Lakers are trying to tank another year, a la Philadelphia.

Jeremy Lin Preseason Highlights Playlist

With Jeremy Lin set to take on a big role for the LA Lakers this season with Steve Nash out, here is a playlist of highlights to watch:

Pros: Lin is getting to the rim, making both layups and threes. He's drawing fouls left and right, and he's chipping in a bit on defense. He's shown a lot of good chemistry with Ed Davis in particular, and has plenty of shooting bigmen in Randle, Sacre, and Boozer to dispose short passes to. 

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Cons: I don't know if this is by design because Coach Byron Scott has to work on figuring out what he has in his other players, but it seems like Lin needs to get Kobe the ball more. Lin's got great vision, and maybe it's to save Kobe for thegames that count, but Lin needs to protect himself sometimes by just giving the ball off to Kobe sometimes and let him pick and pop or fake out a guy.

All in all, a strong preseason showing for Lin despite missing a few games due to injury.

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Chiefs Safety Penalized for Praying

En rout to a big route of the Patriots by the Chiefs, Safety Husain Abdullah caught a nifty pick-six, and proceeded to slide in the end-zone, going to his knees to pray, netting him an unsportsman-like conduct penalty. While some point to the slide as being the cause of the penalty, the action of transitioning from a running position to a kneeling position to pray is not easy when you're running full speed, much tougher than if you got down to a kneeling position to "Tebow" from running into the end zone. So I don't think that's really the problem.

I am thankful for this touchdown.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

To the non-avid football fan viewing at home, Husain Abdullah is a devout Muslim (would fast during Ramadan despite it being the middle of grueling training camps) who was clearly praying. I think that though a flag may have been initially thrown, the referees could have rescinded the penalty before announcing it. Instead, the NFL has found yet another snafu on their hands.

Sometimes, the NFL needs to take a step back and reassess everything.