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Chiefs Safety Penalized for Praying

En rout to a big route of the Patriots by the Chiefs, Safety Husain Abdullah caught a nifty pick-six, and proceeded to slide in the end-zone, going to his knees to pray, netting him an unsportsman-like conduct penalty. While some point to the slide as being the cause of the penalty, the action of transitioning from a running position to a kneeling position to pray is not easy when you're running full speed, much tougher than if you got down to a kneeling position to "Tebow" from running into the end zone. So I don't think that's really the problem.

I am thankful for this touchdown.
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To the non-avid football fan viewing at home, Husain Abdullah is a devout Muslim (would fast during Ramadan despite it being the middle of grueling training camps) who was clearly praying. I think that though a flag may have been initially thrown, the referees could have rescinded the penalty before announcing it. Instead, the NFL has found yet another snafu on their hands.

Sometimes, the NFL needs to take a step back and reassess everything. 

Middle School Football Play "Ugly Kardashian" Unethical?

By now, we've seen this play, or variations of this play multiple times. The quarterback tricks everyone by claiming something irrelevant, and then runs through the defense for a touchdown.

"ugly Kardashian?"
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The real question is: Is this play ethical?

Young kids playing football should be playing to get better, not cheat another team out of a score. It's an underhanded, bush league kind of move. It doesn't teach kids to play better than the other team.

On the other hand, it also teaches kids to outsmart the other team, even when it physically is the lesser team. It also teaches kids to be alert on every play. Maybe some kid will actually make a big tackle on the quarterback someday when another team is gutsy enough to pull this off.

Problem: Janay Rice is Now In An Unemployed Family

Sometimes, we rush to make a decision without thinking through the impacts. This is one of those times. Ray Rice is now unemployed, and his wife now no longer has income in the family to support their children. Now, I understand exactly why Rice should lose his job, and you can argue that if they saved properly, Rice should still have enough money to support his family. However, the NFL is putting a burden on the back of the woman that was the victim in the situation, and is now even further victimized. Now, everyone sees her as the weak, limp, unconscious body, not a person. That is also extremely humiliating to know that the world sees your video. Maybe we need to consider who we're punishing here first (not Rice himself, but his family as a consequence) before we evaluate this situation further. 

Ray Rice Removed From Madden

He won't be juking out anyone in Madden either
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The controversial ex-Ravens running back Ray Rice will be removed from Electronic Arts' popular football video game, Madden '15. Again, another damage control measure in the aftermath of a bad decision by an athlete. This comes on the heels of the NFL offering fans an exchange for any Ray RIce jersey.