Manziel In As Browns' QB, Runs for TD On First Drive

After throwing two interceptions versus the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer has been replaced by Johnny Manziel. Under center for his first career drive, Manziel garnered 54 yards in the air and 13 on the ground, scoring on a 10 yard rush.

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Manziel is obviously an athletic player that has well-documented incidents off the field. If Manziel can focus on his sport, he could be in for a heck of an NFL ride. As it stands, the Buffalo Bills are still up 13 in the game with just over 3 minutes to go in the game, and it looks like both teams will be 7-5 after the conclusion of the game. No one expected Atlanta and New Orleans to be well under .500 while these two teams would be nicely above .500 at this stage of the season.

Giving Thanks: J.J. Watt

As Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the rest of the holidays are just around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight some of our favorite athletes that truly make an impact on the community and give thanks for being fortunate enough to be a professional athlete. 

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Houston Texans Defensive Lineman (and TD catcher?) J.J. Watt is a fan favorite. He's a classy guy, isn't concerned about the paycheck he receives, and does just what the team needs him to do at any given time. 

Previously on Sunday, Watt played catch with some servicemen attending the game, and even shook each of their hands.

Today, Tweetizens have been posting images of Watt's impact on his community, as he bought pizza for local firemen and police officers in the Houston area. Along with a handwritten note to them, Watt sends a message to all of us to be thankful for those that serve us at home and abroad, regardless of political beliefs. Watt's winning even when Papa John's can't seem to find a good team to sponsor them (from Washington [team name censored] to the "turrible" Philadelphia 76ers).
Watt is definitely a player that is giving thanks this Thanksgiving week. 

(postscript, check out Blog of Sports as he competes to advance to the final four of the Bracket Challenge. 
You can check out his analysis of the Challenge here).

Colts to pursue Ben Tate

The Indianapolis Colts got the short end of a trade last time they got a Cleveland Browns' RB. Trent Richardson has been an underwhelming disappointment for Colts Nation, but the deal made plenty of sense at the time. Now, the Colts have a chance of getting another Browns' RB for free. Tate is injury prone but is very talented, and was waived by the Browns. While Richardson and Daniel "Boom" Herron are the two RBs on the Colts' roster, Tate could enter this backfield and never look back again. He's worth a speculative add in fantasy leagues, as Richardson has averaged just 3.4 yards per carry. Though Tate was averaging only 3.1 yards per carry in Cleveland, it is safe to say that the Colts' offense is much more potent on the whole.

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Colts fan may have a reason to end their despair of losing Ahmad Bradshaw for the season.

How elite is D-Rose?

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports
Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Today's NBA features many, many, many score-first point guards. Gone are the days of the floor general that did little in the scoring department, as today's NBA lives outside on the perimeter. A guard that cannot be a respectable threat on the offensive side of the ball puts his team at a disadvantage because the defender can cheat on his man and help out on all the other players. 

Today, there are the Rajon Rondo's and the Chris Paul's that truly rack up assists. However, Paul was always a dual threat, and Rondo has developed some offense to become a more complete player.

However, what about Derrick Rose? The Bulls' point guard is one of the score first point guards. He has elite speed to blow by the nimblest of defenders. Rose has the ability to finish through contact in the lane, which comes in handy when he beats his initial defender. He has solid vision that allows him to find some open players, namely Jimmy "Buckets" Butler, who is emerging as a strong wing shooter.

Let the naysayers be naysayers. Derrick Rose satisfies the role of today's point guard, and can keep his team in any game.

Nash Saga - Not Returning Coach's Calls?

Veteran NBA Point guard Steve Nash has been long gone for the season, hurt before he could make an impact this season for the struggling Los Angeles Lakers. He's been publicly battered for his driving range VINE (if he's injured and out for the season, why is he swinging a golf club with good form?), and now Coach Byron Scott said that Nash did not return his call after asking him to be a mentor for the team despite being a savvy veteran that could help the team grow immensely. Young guys like Jordan Clarkson and Jeremy Lin could use some development from one of the best to ever play the position. Certainly Nash isn't setting a great example for a fellow injured-Laker, rookie Julius Randle. The last thing the Lakers need is another Andrew Bynum or Lamar Odom. Maybe it's an LA syndrome. Guys go to LA, get hurt, and don't do much for the team afterwards.

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There is word that Nash could be traded, since he's nothing but dead weight on the salary cap. But that would be surprising. He can't even sell tickets because he's too busy away from the team. What would be less surprising? His career may be over, the public image of a long-time icon tarnished by an ungraceful end to a legendary career.