RG-CLE: Embattled QB to sign with Browns for 2 years

The Cleveland Browns had been very quiet during an offseason where personnel upgrades were their largest acquisitions. Analytics man Paul DePodesta (of Moneyball fame) brought hype and hope. Hue Jackson was brought in as coach. 

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Now, the Browns will get another mobile QB in Robert Griffin III. The deal is actually for quite a large sum: reportedly 2 years, $15 million total, with $6.75 million guaranteed. Head coach Hue Jackson has already said that RGIII must be prepared to compete with a QB they draft, but that kind of money says something else. It's more likely that the 2 years buys time for whichever QB they draft to be groomed.

Things may be turning around for Cleveland, and RGIII may get to thrive in a different system; a change of scenery can always bring some good.

Broncos Trade for Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez has been acquired by the Denver Broncos after Brock Osweiler signed with the Texans in the wake of Peyton Manning's retirement.

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The Eagles, who just signed Chase Daniel to a lucrative contract to compete with Sam Bradford, had no need for Sanchez, and will receive a measly conditional pick in return, but basically unload a reasonable $4.5m contract - that is, an unreasonable one for them, and a reasonable one for the Broncos.

Sanchez, known for his Buttfumble, was able to encounter some degree of success under Chip Kelly, and under a run-heavy scheme with an actual offensive line, he may not be a bad choice for the Broncos. If Ronnie Hillman, Montee Ball, and Juwan Thompson figure things out in the backfield, any QB under center will have options to hand off to, as well as throw to Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. Not a bad crew. The Broncos also snagged Coby Fleener from the Colts, getting a solid TE option after Julius Thomas and Vernon Davis didn't work out.

Now, the Broncos are still linked to RGIII and Colin Kaepernick, two running, mobile QBs. It makes total sense to get a low upside but high floor QB in Sanchez. If a beat up Manning was able to lead this team, at times looking worse than many other QB's in the league (his interception total was second highest in the league despite missing time during the regular season), then Sanchez can do a serviceable job if need be.

GM John Elway is slowly fixing up his team in the post-Manning era, and the Broncos will be no slouch next season even without either QB that helped guide their team to the Super Bowl.

The X-Factor Piece for a Cubs World Series: Munenori Kawasaki?

Munenori Kawasaki isn't the best baseball player of the generation. He's not a heralded prospect, or a highly-sought after international free agent. 
In parts of 4 years in the major leagues, his best slugging percentage has been .308. He's not hit a home run since 2013. He doesn't hit for a great average, but is a decent, above average fielder and draws plenty of walks.

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That's still not why he adds something the Cubs haven't had in a while: fun.

The Cubs already have plenty of talent and star power. With the winds blowing outi n Wrigley, there are a lot of things trending upward for the Cubs. Kawasaki, like Joe Maddon, is an x-factor, even if he doesn't stand on the field all 9 innings. Kawasaki, known for his fun interviews, his hard work at improving his English, and his charismatic "team guy" personality, brings the mentality that all athletes should have: that they have the honor of playing a kid's game for a living. Kawasaki embraces it, and wears his heart on his sleeve as he goes about his business.

Now, "Mune" (pronounced Moo-nay) is even belting out hits, albeit not with his bat, but with his voice.

With an effort like that, how the Cubs not fly the W flag?

A Letter to Cam Newton, from a Peyton Manning Fan

Dear Cam Newton,

Stay you, Cam!
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You make defenses pay when they overreact to any given thing; if they blitz and don't contain, you get outside and dash for the first down, and dash their hopes of stopping you. If they blitz, you hit your speedy receivers for big gains. You get the option plays going to Jonathan Stewart. Touchdowns occur frequently with you at the helm of the offense.

The Media, however, wants to overreact about "poor sportsmanship", to criticize every last ounce of your being. Just remember, you can change direction, you can stiff arm them, and you can elude them. They're just a tackler ahead of you as you progress through your career like you progress through your options. Tune them out with your headphones. Give a shoutout to your sponsor after your team wins the next one.

You've shed tackles before, and certainly you've shed tears before. A loss in Super Bowl 50? That's just a prelude to the next down, to the next "rodeo". Haters have always fueled you, and you have consistently defied the odds; what's to stop you now? 

There's a few inevitable things in the world, taxes, Budweiser commercials in the Super Bowl, and Cam Newton proving people wrong. You're in the spotlight now. Peyton's had his turn. It's time for you to win.

You got this.

Humbly signed,

A Peyton Manning Fan 

16 Year Old French Girl makes MLB History

The sports world was taken over by Mone'e Davis when she powered her team in the Little League World Series. However, another girl may become a baseball sensation. 16-year old Melissa Mayeux, of Pole Baseball Academy in Toulouse, France, has been added to MLB's international registration list, meaning that an MLB team can sign her after July 2nd. 

She has the family pedigree, too, just what scouts love; her older brother played on national French Junior Team, and is currently a player-coach for the Montigny Cougars. 

Of course, being added to a list does not guarantee that she'll make it to the big leagues some day, but it is certainly quite an accomplishment. In watching a few clips of batting practice, she makes a lot of hard contact, not easy for any 16-year old. She also fields well, projecting to stick at the shortstop position.

Even MLB's Director of International Game Development, Mike McClellan, vouches for her fluidity on the field, and her composure at the plate. He remembers one at-bat against a 19-year old Dominican Republic pitcher, in which Melissa smacked a pitch right up the middle against the 91-mph hurler. 

Speaking in French for an interview, she said that she hopes to stick with baseball as long as she can; European players often do not sign until they are 18, and Mayeux reiterated that notion, mentioning that she hopes to pass the baccalaureat - the high school completion/college entrance exam, and possibly go to university. If she keeps up her growth as a prospect, and does not get signed by an MLB team, she could potentially come to the US to play collegiate baseball. With her current club, she fits right in; she says that she's grown up with many of her current teammates, so there was no issue "with integration or respect". As a talented athlete, there is no doubt she'll continue to command respect as she continues in her baseball journey.